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The day of jehovah. joel tells people to* repent. ’ ” assemble and come, all you nations, and gather together all around. to warn judah of the coming day of the lord when judgment will get worse for judah and the nations of the worldb. all we are told concerning him is in joel 1: 1, “ the word of the lord that came to joel the son of pethuel. joel 2: 1- 27 turn to me! joel then tells the people about a special day that is coming. john 3 is the third chapter of the gospel of john in the new testament of the christian bible. the word of the lord that came to joel: the prophet joel spoke to the southern kingdom of judah, and makes no reference to the northern kingdom of israel. god knows what we need then.

proclaim this among the nations: “ prepare for war! however, this little book is like an atom bomb— it is not very big, but it sure is potent and powerful. the heavens and earth will shake: joel goes back to the descriptions of cosmic cataclysm that were mentioned in joel 2: 30- 31. when the hour of god' s judgment shall come effectual methods shall be taken to gather all nations to the battle of that great day of god almighty, revelation 16: 14, 20: 8. and these things are only a beginning. 2: 12, where we read: “ ‘ even now, ’ declares the lord,. and they should tell them to come back to god. joel speaksabout * locusts.

john 3: 11 11 very truly i tell you, we speak of what we know, and we testify to what we have seen, but still you people do not accept our testimony. perhaps references to jerusalem indicate that he was from jerusalem. who began the deportation of samaria), sargon iib. joel tells us his father’ s name, but he says nothing abouthimself. a plague of locusts. the * lord sendstheir enemies to make his people sorry. josiah brought about the final spiritual revival for judah when he came to the throne in 622 b. to urge judah to repent of their sinsc. god' s judgments. ) next, god sends theenemies away because his people are ready to listen to him.

the assyrian empire fell1. god will do good thingsfor his people. holy spirit ~ god consists of 3 persons. a fatal mistake - part 1: joel 2: 30: joe crews radio sermons: the atom bomb and weapons of mass destruction are surely a sign of the end of time. they will one day do this exact thing ( revelation 16: 12- 16), but god will simply laugh at the puny and futile preparations by the nations ( psalm 2). ) he tells the people to change their attitude to god ( joel1: 14; 2: 12- 17). the affirmation is probably “ yahweh is god. may visit our website: www. summary of joel: joel is a narrative and prophetic source of wisdom. we know little of the prophet joel beyond a few personal details contained in the book itself.

( look atjoel 1: 2- 13, 15- 20. joel 3 commentary; brian bell sermons on joel. , notes on the book of joel, unpu. in the original, the book consists of 4 chapters, which, in our version, are reduced to 3 by making the portion which constitutes chapter 3 in the hebrew the concluding portion ( versesof chapter 2. the * lord’ s answer. jehovah ~ a special name for god.

the book of joel is a prophecy divided into three chapters. dating the writing of the book of joel remains one of the most difficult tasks for old testament scholars because unlike most prophetic writers, joel gave no explicit indication of his time period. he was from judahc. the prophet joel wrote the book aroundb. he notices the blessings of the gospel, with the final glorious state of the church. in the greek canon joel is placed after daniel and hosea and before amos. but joel chapter 3 shows that god will also use israel as a means of judgement upon those nations!

they are god’ s special servants. he wants to help us to understand. the * priests should bevery, very sad about it. that shows us that joel’ s messageis for everyone. ( john 2: 23- 24), actually serves as the introduction to nicodemus' story, since ( chapter 3), constitutes tangible evidence of jesus' ability to know men' s hearts and thereby also demonstrates jesus' deity. those * prophets are isaiah, jeremiah, ezekiel, amos, obadiah, zephaniah, and zechariah. cause your mighty ones to go down there, o lord. in the midst of it all, the lord will be a shelter for his people, and the strength of the children of israel, and he will restore both his people and his city to glory. for the day ofthe * lord, see note about joel 1: 15.

in chapter 1, joel tells how dry the country is. these verses make it clear that christ- and christ alone- is. joel says that theenemies have done ‘ great things’. instead, egypt shall be a desolation, along with the other enemies of the lordand his people. a definite turning point in the book is found in ch. all the brooks of judah shall be flooded with water: after god’ s final victory, there is lasting abundance and the days of drought are just a distant memory. our english order matches the greek placement of the book. beat your plowshares into swords and your pruning hooks into spears; let the weak say, ‘ i am strong. these armies may comewhen the armies of * locusts come. see genesis 2: 8for the garden in eden.

to proclaim a future time when complete restoration will come to the nation1 gleason l. one commentator notes that the day of the lord, which is a reference not to a single day only but to a period of judgment and r. a promise of the holy spirit, and of future mentary on joel 2: read joel 2: 1- 14) the priests were to alarm the people with the near approach of the divine judgments. from those * grapes, people will be able to make a lot of * wine. chapter contents. joel tells the people to think about these bad things.

there is great f. grape ~ a fruit that people make a drinkfrom. they have not heardit before. old people should havelearnt from their lives how to be wise. the * priestsshould be the first people to act. a survey of old testament introduction, 311- 14; john a martin, an outline of joel, unpublished class notes in 304 preexlic and exilic prophets, ( dallas theological seminary, fall 1983), 1. the sun and moon will grow dark, and the stars will diminish their brightness. god’ s peoplesometimes tore their clothes. hebrew ~ the language that the * israelites spoke. locusts eat all theplants in * israel. look at joel 2: 15- 17.

it' s not until this passage, joel 2: 18- 27, that we finally hear a word of h. a fountain shall flow from the house of the lord: ezekiel 47 describes waters flowing from book of joel chapter 3 commentary the house of t. see full list on easyenglish. ) the plants do not grow well and insects come to eat them( joel 1: 4). the idea of the “ valley of decision” has been used in countless evangelistic meeti. the * priestscannot offer the usual meat and * wine to god, because they have none. butthe armies in daniel 11 and revelation 9 do.

there is no rain. it’ s hard know his exact time, because joel doesn’ t mention any other kings or prophets. the book of joel’ s importance to the canon of scripture stems from its being the first to develop an oft- mentioned biblical idea: the day of the lord. many scholars date the book of joel to 835 b. beat your plowshares into swords: if you are going to go into battle against god, you should have every weapon available. fig ~ sweet fruit that grows on a tree. of his openly judging all nations, ver. in the close of the foregoing chapter we had a gracious promise of deliverance in mount zion and jerusalem; now this whole chapter is a comment upon that promise, showing what that deliverance shall be, how it shall be wrought by the destruction of the church’ s enemies, and how it shall be perfected in the everlasting rest and joy of the church.

he identified himself as the son of pethuel, preached to the people of judah, and expressed a great deal of interest in jerusalem. chapter summary john chapter 3 is one of the most important in the entire gospel. visions of the future, such as the kind we find in joel or even in the pages of the more well- known book of revelation, can often seem remote from our day- to- day existence. israel ~ the country where the * israelites( god’ s people) live; or, sometimes the north part of that country. this chapter also lets us know about the full blessing of book of joel chapter 3 commentary the millennium.

edom ~ a country near * israel. commentary for joel 1 from the desolations about to come upon the land of judah, by the ravages of locusts and other insects, the prophet joel exhorts the jews to repentance, fasting, and prayer. the blessings the church shall mentary on joel 3: 1- 8 ( read joel 3: 1- 8) the restoration of the jews, and the final victory of true religion over all opposers, appear to be here foretold. now they are sorry. 2 homer heater, jr.

so students say that real * locustsate the plants. altar ~ a place where people burnedanimals or other things as gifts to god. you should also practice your. for the day of the lord is near in the valley of decision. he has made all the silver and gold. so god allows bad things to happen. and they should obey him again. like all scripture, the book of joel is the word of god.

god is using these armies or these * locusts to make hispeople think about joel’ s message. more book of joel chapter 3 commentary images. they shouldcall everyone to god’ s house. and he will protectthe people who live there. joel chapter 3 lesson: the judgement of the nations. then jerusalem shall be holy, and no aliens shall ever pass through her again. he tells them that they should love god again, as they didbefore. joel 1: 1- 20: locusts invade israel, signaling the coming day of the lord. for i will acquit them of the guilt of bloodshed, whom i had not acquitted; for the lorddwells in zion. preachers are currier' s; our job is to faithfully deliver the message of holy scripture.

john calvin commentary on the book of joel. god does notchange as human people do. and they haveforgotten to obey him. there i will put them on trial for what they did to my inheritance, my people israel, because they scattered my people among the nations and divided up my land. to signify to them that god is preparing war against them, they are called upon to prepare war against him, joel 3: 9- 11. joel 2: 1- 17: a foreign army thunders in to deliver god' s punishment. the army of * locusts.

if they do this, then god will do goodthings for them ( joel 2: 18- 20, 32). hope" doesn' t really describe the first chapter of the book of the prophet joel. and they didnot obey him. in particular, joel refrained from mentioning the current ruling kings. who completed the deportation of samaria), sennacheribb. sometime before the fall and exiles of the northern and southern kingdoms. or they may come after the * locusts come.

if you haven' t noticed you haven' t been paying attention! ( look at verse 21. joel ( meaning " one to whom jehovah is god, " that is, worshipper of jehovah) seems to have belonged to judah, as no reference occurs to israel; whereas he speaks of jerusalem, the temple, the priests, and the ceremonies, as if he were intimately familiar with them ( compare joe 1: 14; 2: 1, 15, 32; 3: 1, 2, 6, 16, 17, 20, 21). joel wantseveryone to think carefully about his message.

the book of joel commentary by a. joel 3: 12 let the nations be aroused and come up to the valley of jehoshaphat, for there i will sit to judge all the surrounding nations. but now he may also mean armies of men. “ egypt shall be a desolation, and edom a desolate wilderness, because of violence against the people of judah, for they have shed innocent blood in their land. joel 2: 28- 32 holy spirit poured out! and theyhave started to obey him again. exhortations to fasting and prayer; blessings promised. other pre- exilic prophets include obadiah. ) and the southern kingdom of judah ( 586 b. what is the significance of john 3?

he will send water to makethings grow. in ( verses 3: 1- 21), the story of jesus and nicodemus reinforces john' s themes that jesus is the messiah and son of god and that he came to offer salvation to men. but judah shall abide forever, and jerusalem from generation to generation. it is a warning to the people about the dangers of turning from god. the last chapter describes the judgment of the nations which will happen in the day of jehovah in the valley of jehoshaphat. this is the warning and penalty for disobedience and evilness, “ for a nation has invaded my land, mighty and without number; its teeth are the teeth of a lion, and it has the fangs of a lioness” ( 1: 6). in the 1611 king james bible, the book of joel is formed by three chapters: the second one has 32 verses, and it is equivalent to the union of the chapter 2 ( with 26 verses) and chapter 3 ( with 5 verses) of other editions of the bible. do you ever struggle with feeling complacent? the book of joel chapter 3. after the loud, public commotion at the temple, john transitions to a quiet, nighttime discussion. ” this is the reverse of elijah ( “ god is yahweh” ) b.

baptist preacher charles spurgeon said of this chapter that it is the chapter he would choose " to read to a dying man who did not know the gospel, [ as] the most suitable one for such an occasion". they also did bad things to god’ s people. peoplesay it like that in some languages. in verses 4 and5, god book of joel chapter 3 commentary speaks like a human person.

the extent of these judgments. god neverchanges. see full list on bible. god will send his * holy spirit to them( joel 2: 28). but in the original * hebrew language t. * locusts do not come from the north. but goddoes not need * silver and gold. a strong dose of apocalyptic imagery like we find in joel might just do the trick of opening your eyes to the necessity of faithfully following after god every moment of your life. nearly all god’ s people have forgotten to love god. he does not saythat they are soldiers. this showed that they were sorry.

joel often drew upon natural imagery— the sun and the moon, the grass and the locusts— and in general seemed to understand. the prophecy of joel may seem unimportant as it contains only three brief chapters. if that is so, and the day of this judgement is approaching, then it would be like god to give every opportunity for the people in these nations that have very little light to acknowledge the truth and repent before this judgement takes place. because of this power, people are able to dowhat god wants. the* philistines and the people in sidon did not love the true god. other * prophetsalso speak about the day of the * lord.

grace ~ good gifts that god gives to peoplewho believe him. using what was at that time the well- known locust plague in judah, joel capitalized on a recent tragedy to dispense the lord' s message of judgment and the hope of repentance. bible studies in the book of joel. nothing is know about joel other than his being the son of pethuel ( who is also unknown) 1: 1b. outline of the book of joel. joel 2: 28- 29: bible question archive: according to joel chapter book of joel chapter 3 commentary 2 is it all believers in the end- time that will have god' s spirit poured o. they get these gifts free, not because they are good people! at that time, god will send to his people all that they need. joel 1- 3 + summary of joel. they cast lots for my people and traded boys for. the really important thing is that joel has a message from god.

the nations judged - “ in those days and at that time, when i restore the fortunes of judah and jerusalem, i will gather all nations and bring them book of joel chapter 3 commentary down to the valley of jehoshaphat. the lord also will roar from zion, and utter his voice from jerusalem; the heavens and earth will shake; but the lord will be a shelter for his people, and the strength of the children of israel. theholy spirit is one person of the three persons who are god. the book discusses joel himself, and the people of judah. see full list on insight. however, their vivid pictures of destruction should serve to awaken us from our spiritual stupor. joel 3: 1 " for behold in those days, and at that time, when i shall bring back the captivity of judah and jerusalem. while obadiah mentioned the terrifying event first ( obadiah 15), joel’ s book gives some of the most striking and specific details in all of scripture about the day of the lord— days cloaked in darkness, armies that conquer like consuming fire, and the moon turning to blood. multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision!

joel 1 locust plague. her young grandson,. tiglath- pileser iii ( pul in the scriptures) began a group of conquerors who took syria and palestine including shalmaneser vb. come, go down; for the winepress is full, the vats overflow; for their wickedness is great. it' s hard to pin down his exact time, because he doesn' t mention any other kings or prophets. god’ s word bible ~ world publishing matthew poole’ s commentary on the holy bible ~ banner of truth calvin’ s commentaries ~ banner of truth henry froude ~ the companion bible, part 4 ~ oxford universitypress © wycliffe associates ( uk) this publication is written in easyenglish level b ( 2800 words). wake up the mighty men, let all the men of war draw near, let them come up. he sees if we do good things in our lives. the * lord * judges thenations. “ so you shall know that i am the lord your god, dwelling in zion my holy mountain.

it is not just for the people that joel is. who was jesus referring to in john 3? ) joel mentions‘ the army that comes from the north’. chapter 3: title reference collection. ( look at joel 1: 20.

god' s judgments in the latter days. holy ~ very, very good; only god is really holy; the placewhere he lives with his people is also holy because he is there. if they werereally sorry, they would do more than that. ) and shalmaneser iib.

in other words, god says, nothing like this has ever happened in your lifetime, or in your father' s. in greek the title is simply a transliteration of the hebrew iwhl. the prophet begins by describing an event so singularly extreme that it has never happened before, one that demands to be related to succeeding generations, as it will never occur again. joel wants thechildren to give attention to the message. put in the sickle, for the harvest is ripe. there will bemany places on the mountains where they grow * grapes. chapter overview: this chapter has been partly fulfilled in the several deliverances of the jews, and will have its full accomplishment at the great day. book of joel chapter 3 commentary this makes joel a pre- exilic prophet, who served before the fall of the northern kingdom of israel ( 721 b.

but now they have tolearn that god loves his people. joel also made several comments on the priests and the temple, indicating a familiarity with the center of worship in judah ( joel 1: 13– 14; 2: 14, 17). they would love god and they wouldobey him. to the valley of jehoshaphat, : joe 3: 2, 14 2ch 20: : : 4 ; for there i will sit to judge all the surrounding nations. in hebrew the title comes of the prophetic author, lway, the combination of two names of god- - yahweh & elohim. rooted in such vibrant and physical imagery, this time of ultimate judgm. one of the most compelling arguments for dating the writing of the book of joel explains this omission by suggesting the prophecy occurred in the aftermath of judah’ s only ruling queen, athaliah ( d.

the holy spiritcomes to give power to people. in the hebrew canon joel is placed among the minor prophets after ezekiel & hosea and before amosb. we all live in a world that is becoming more and more anti- god and it is ripe for judgement. and it will come to pass in that day that the mountains shall drip with new wine, the hills shall flow with milk, and all the brooks of judah shall be flooded with water; a fountain shall flow from the house of the lord and water the valley of acacias. he really loves us. he can send good things like a good harvest, and hecan send troubles.

joel was just a messenger, a spiritual currier entrusted with a message from god. joel 3 your arms are too short to box with god! however, in verse 7, he does say that they are ‘ like soldiers’. god is ready tobe kind to his people now because they have changed their attitude. ( look at verse 20.

on the hills, there will be cowsand goats that produce a lot of milk. the assyrian power rose with ashurnasirpal iib. they would do what is right. god challenged the nations to prepare for war against him. some students think that he wrote his book about 850 years before thebirth of jesus. he will punish anyone who fights against hispeople. the old peopleshould notice, because this message is new and different. it contains a prophecy of god reckoning with the enemies of his people, ver. matthew henry ( 18 october 1662 – 22 june 1714) was an english commentator on the bible, who published his works in 1706, ( six- volume exposition of the old and new testaments ( 1708– 1710) or complete commentary), provides an exhaustive verse by verse study of the bible, covering the whole of the old testament, and the gospels and acts in the new testament. his silverand gold are not for false gods.

: ps 2: 8, 9 7: 6 76: 8, 9 96: 13 98: 9 110: 5, 6 isa 2: 4 3: : 3 mic 4: : 11. show to the * lord thatyou are sorry. the final section of this chapter ( joel 3: is book of joel chapter 3 commentary a figurative presentation of the wonderful spiritual blessings available in the kingdom of heaven. we know very little about the prophet joel. he will protect * jerusalem. joel 2: 18- 32: ever merciful, god restores israel. old people should be wiser than young people. joel 3: 1- 21: god judges the nations then dwells among his people. look book of joel chapter 3 commentary also at joel 3: 19 and matthew 25: 31- 46. “ let the nations be wakened, and come up to the valley of jehoshaphat; for there i will sit to judge all the surrounding nations.

even childrenwho are not yet born should hear the message. verse 1 for, behold, in those days, and in that time, when i shall bring back the captivity of judah and jerusalem,. chapter 1, joel compares the destruction and judgment of god like a plague of locust. many crucial ideas are explained in this passage, including the role of jesus as savior. see full list on enduringword. then he sendswhat is best for us. what does john chapter 3 talk about in the bible? in referring to the terrible locust plague, joel was able to speak into the lives of his listeners and imprint the message of judgment into their minds, like a brand sears the flesh of an animal. joel looked out upon the valley of jehoshaphat at the battle of armageddon, and sees multitudes facing their eternal fate – truly, it is a valley of decision, and those who fight against the lord and his messiah are in the wrong place in the valley of decision, ultimately fulfilled at the battle of armageddon. the mountains shall drip book of joel chapter 3 commentary with new wine. that is the ‘ greatthing’ that the * lord has done.

see full list on enduringword. other students think that he wrote it about 330 years laterthan that. the day of jehovah is mentioned five times in joel: chapter 1: 15; 2: 1. a mini- version of the day of the lord! israelites ~ people who live in * israel; people who come from jacob’ s family. it is god’ s message. what is the gospel of john chapter 3? that iswhy the ceremonies in god’ s house have had to stop. joel 3 in the close of the foregoing chapter we had a gracious promise of deliverance in mount zion and jerusalem; now this whole chapter is a comment upon that promise, showing what that deliverance shall be, how it shall be wrought by the destruction of the church' s enemies, and how it shall be perfected in the everlasting rest and joy of the church.

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